Sunday, November 28, 2010

Help us send Rafiki Back-to-School!

Join us, da Shibbering Cheetos, on a travelling concert tour to raise funds for an "Obedience Training Scholarship" for our Intern Roadie, Rafiki.

"Fiki", as he is affectionately known to us, has developed some very serious social issues that he never ever had before. He needs our support to help him go through very intensive obedience training, and that's why we are raising money to help with this costly, but necessary behavioral counselling program.

On Friday night, Dec 3, from 6-9 Pacific time, follow da Shibbering Cheetos' kick ass Tour Bus for a dynamic journey all over North America. We will stop randomly at different cities, nom local foods and jam with the locals! Our last stop will be in Phoenix where Fiki will stay with his new co-momma for training, while his momma leaves him to go back to San Diego working 2 jobs.

Riding alongside da Cheetos will be the motorcade of our brothers da Bad Boyz of Twitter and sisters da Pink Angels... Vvvrrroooommm! All for one and one for all!

Also, meet the infamous Hookalopes, they will be riding in our hot tub..err... err... on our Tour Bus.



We'll rock, we'll stalk, we'll bring the house down!!!!!

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